Getting and staying in shape while maintaining good health is hard.


We get it.

We feel the same way.


This is a team sport, and you're the captain.

The climb towards better health is
best done with all-star support.

Trying to create a calorie deficit?
Finding it hard to stay on top of your nutrition?

Well of course it is - it's like shopping at a store,
with no idea what the prices are.

Calorie Counting

Many food tracking apps have people futilely spinning their
wheels in an endless cycle to lose and gain weight.
And other contemporary calorie counting apps are user
generated guesses, at best.

Welcome to the next era of calorie counting with Ventrickle. Get access to a verified database of nutrition information from your favourite restaurants and eateries so you can stay on top of your health and fitness goals.

Our food tracking app minimises error, down to the last hundred calories, by getting ingredient and nutritional insights directly from the chefs themselves. Our team in Singapore marries this with data driven performance outcomes so you know exactly what’s going into your food – whether you’re relaxing in or dining out.

Trusted by doctors.

Backed by Science.

Lead your own health adventure.

Not data driven? No problem. We’ve got you covered

We understand that not everyone likes figures and spreadsheets. For some, calorie counter apps may create a sense of anxiety and disordered eating.

Switch things up. Bring order to a world of chaos.

Our mission

Never give up the press
for better health

Cardiovascular disease and metabolic health is a major cause of mortality and morbidity in most nations today. Most of you either suffer from, or know someone with heart disease or complications that have arisen as a result of diabetes, metabolic syndrome or one of its associated pitfalls.

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