Regain control
of your fitness goals
with a data-first

calorie counter.

Forget perfection.

Focus on perseverance.

Embarking on a new fitness journey is rough. We get it. There’s always pressure to succeed, trying not to give up when it gets tough, to push on no matter what – even when it might be at the expense of your physical health or mental health.

A mindset like that doesn’t work.
And that’s why we don’t believe in perfection.

Ventrickle is here to give you the information necessary to make informed decisions at every stage of your fitness journey. Our data-driven calorie counter and tracker allows you to focus on the facts of the food first.

Access accurate and meaningful nutrition information for lasting results.

This means knowing exactly what’s in your food, so you can make the choices that suit you best.

But if you don’t have the right data to rely on, how do you know you’re making the right nutrition and fitness decisions?

Our daily calorie intake calculator is based on an accurate database of nutritional information provided by Ventrickle’s partner restaurants, or calculated via best in class methods for approximation.

Centre personalisation and commitment in your fitness journey.

Having accurate data by your side doesn’t instantly make fat loss or weight management a breeze. Calorie counting can sometimes lead to unhealthy habits, obsessions, and disordered eating too.

Our calorie tracker dashboard is set up so you can approach calorie counting in a relaxed way, according to what suits you best.

Go granular and see a full breakdown of your macros. Or take it easy and avoid numbers completely.

Build fitness habits based on realistic behaviours.

You shouldn’t need to undergo a huge dramatic change to achieve your fitness goals or weight loss diet plan.

It’s not sustainable, and it can lead to unhealthy behaviours. So unlike traditional calorie calculator apps that stick to a strict daily calorie intake, we give you the leeway to relax every now and then.

Let loose during a big celebration and ate a little more recklessly than you’re used to? The Rewind feature encourages you to track and log excess calories consumed, which is then redistributed over the following 7 to 10 days.

Discover new favourite eateries worry-free with Surprise Me.

Just hit the button and enjoy your pick of 5 randomly generated restaurants nearby – with nutrition info baked right into your app.

See how your habits fit within a bigger picture rather than as a one-off event. And use our accurate partner-verified data to adjust your nutritional needs accordingly.

Listen to your body

We’re reimagining what health and nutrition apps can be. Try us for free.